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Rainfall reaches a peak in August, except in the maritime strip, where the maximum is reached two to three months later.Lithuanian vegetation falls into three separate regions.As a result, damp air masses of Atlantic origin predominate, alternating with continental Eurasian and, more rarely, colder Arctic air or air with a southern, tropical origin.Baltic Sea influences dominate a comparatively narrow coastal zone.It is bounded by the Žemaičiai Upland to the east, which gives way to the flat expanses of the The lowland, consisting of glacial lake clays and boulder-studded loams, stretches in a wide band across the country from north to south; some portions of it are heavily waterlogged.The elevated Baltic Highlands, adjacent to the central lowland, thrust into the eastern and southeastern portions of the country; their rumpled glacial relief includes a host of small hills and numerous small lakes.The Baltic coastal area is fringed by a region characterized by geographers as the maritime depression, which rises gradually eastward.Sand dunes line an attractive coast; the Curonian Lagoon (Lithuanian: Kuršiu Marios), almost cut off from the sea by the Curonian Spit, a thin 60-mile (100-km) sandspit, forms a distinctive feature.

By 1944, however, the majority of the population had been murdered, deported, or sent to concentration camps ( The official language of Lithuania is Lithuanian.

The deep forests harbour elk, stags, deer, beavers, mink, and water rats.

Lithuania is also home to hundreds of species of birds, including white storks, ducks, geese, swans, cormorants, herons, hawks, and even an occasional bald eagle.

The central region is characterized by large tracts of oak trees, with elegant birch forests in the northern portions, as well as distinctive black alder and aspen groves. Indeed, about one-third of the country is forested, and about another one-fifth is taken up by meadowlands.

Swamps and marshlands account for only a small percentage of the total land.

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Sandy soils in fact cover one-fourth of Lithuania, and most of these are blanketed by woodlands.

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