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We welcome people of all sexualities, whether they are single, divorced, separated or married, and we discriminate against no one.Our members appreciate a club where disability is accepted and people can relax and be themselves.With absolutely free disabled dating opportunities now open to you, the world is waiting to be explored." The Icarus Project A social networking community site that describes itself as "a network of people living with the dangerous gifts that are commonly labeled as bipolar or related 'mental illness.'" Care Flash Care Flash is an invitation only social network for individuals to share information regarding their health condition, or that of a loved one.The site is unique in that it incorporates flash movies, and 3D animation of various health issues to make it easier for people to understand what other members are dealing with.

Written by - Jennifer Latham Robinson Intimacy in romantic relationships and can be a struggle for anyone, whether or not that person is an amputee.Gimps Gone Wild "Disabled individuals can be just as sexy as non-disabled individuals.For centuries, disabled individuals have been seen as weak, sickly, vulnerable, non-sexual beings that need to be taken care.In 2002, Randy lost his left leg at his knee joint when he was involved in a boating accident. Randy is a manager at a large grocery store and travels extensively throughout Florida.Q: Nicole and Brian, why don’t you give yourselves some introduction.

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If you are dealing with a disability, or you are interested in individuals regardless of whether or not they are dealing with a disability, Meet Disabled Singles is the site for you. HFriends is dedicated to becoming the number one site on the internet for people with disabilities (PWD).

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