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Without giving away the ending it was witty and somewhat amusing leaving the viewer with a sense of EVEryone receiving what they deserved and a little bit gratified.

There are a few twists and turns midway thru and the plot moves fairly quickly.

Beverly and Claire are two sisters who try to push through their parents' farm with the help of her husband, her boyfriend and a cowboy.

Wade, who went through a very public divorce, has referred to Union as "Future Mrs.

There are three NBA titles, Olympic gold and other prizes acquired while playing with the Spurs and for his native Argentina.

The best might be the one he married in 2004 — Marianela Orono.

You might know her better as La La, an actress and radio and TV personality. But as a good friend to La La Vasquez, she has dated NBA players.

Trina most recently dated Houston Rockets guard James Harden.

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