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Recent inventories have found 379 lakes in Antarctica – and we are bound to find more [1].

Radio echo-sounding works by emitting a radio wave from an aeroplane.Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has congratulated coalition troops on their victory against Isis in Mosul, as fighting for the last pockets of the city still under militant control rages.“Praise be to God, we managed to liberate (the city) and proved the others were wrong, the people of Mosul supported and stood with our security forces against terrorism,” Mr Abadi told reporters at a news conference in Baghdad on Tuesday night.A man who asked to only be referred to as Abu Abid, for fear for his family's safety, was waiting to get a spot on a truck after fleeing the Old City when he was approached by an AP reporter. 379 subglacial lakes have now been identified beneath the Antarctic continent.

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