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It is a great pleasure for Kyushu University to host the first ever WSSF conference in Asia.We hope that WSSF 2018 in Fukuoka will serve as a precious venue for all attendees to share their experiences and wisdom for the benefit of world and future.The ferry leaves the mainland from Shingu Port, so first you have to get there.From Hakata, take a train to Chihaya, then change to Nishitetsu Chihaya (they’re in the same building so the transfer only takes a couple of minutes). These are commuter lines so trains are pretty regular—several an hour, and the journey takes 40 minutes. From Nishitetsu Shingu Station you can walk to the port in about 20 minutes.

The Forum will address the issue of security for all people in an equitable and sustainable world.A broad range of topics which are open to interdisciplinary and worldwide interrogation fall under the theme “Security and Equality for Sustainable Futures”.In recent years, global crises have compelled people throughout the world to reconsider the sustainability of human societies.A small restaurant by the port serves drinks and simple meals, and the Japanese owner will enthuse about cats and get out her phone to show you photos of her pets.And somewhere on the island (follow the signs in Japanese) is a summer-only onsen.

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