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Nor do I need to speak in tongues to Hear from Him at any time. Shriner can not accept the truth about tongues because Saul-Paul teaches about tongues in the bible, but she throws out everything Paul wrote in the bible so how can she believe in tongues?And regardless if I do or not isn't the issue, what is at issue is what He's said to me about them. She got one thing right, I am sure her tongues are demonic.She says Amightywind Ministry is a cult, and we are on the run from the law because of murder and child molesting, blah, blah, blah.I will say this, if you are stupid enough to believe these lies then you deserve exactly what YAHUSHUA gives you on judgment day.Hitler himself wrote that he was told by Lucifer (a false Angel of Light) that The Jewish Race was the "Serpent Seed" race, the offspring of "The Devil having Sex with Eve and producing Cain" who then was also the Father of the dark skinned races.Hitler was told that when He destroys the "Serpent Seed" Race of The Jews and the Black race, then the "ARYAN SUPER GODS" would return to earth and set up the "Kingdom of God" and anoint Hitler as the first human king.

But Look around you, almost all false prophecies are from tongue speakers, almost all deceptions and delusions are from them, look at all the 3rd wave beast prophets and the TBN beast prophets and they're calling on Satan and doing his bidding.Shriners are evil people in a satanic group associated with the freemasons. It is so obvious and blatant that she doesn't even try to hide the truth, it is right before our eyes.She attacks Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah and this Ministry, and this is Elisabeth's real name, it is on her birth certificate, but just look at the difference in their last names, one is an Elijah and the other is a Shriner. Wake up people if you believe the lies of Sherry Shriner, she is telling you what she is with her name. YAHUVEH gave people certain names and even changed peoples names for a reason, because names are important to HIM and have a meaning and if you know the bible you will know the name Elijah.This is from the bible folks, we are not making this stuff up. Shriner also believes that Saul-Paul is of the "serpent seedline" doctrine that she teaches.In a nutsell Shriner says that satan had sex with Eve and then Cain was born who then was the father of dark skinned races and this is how the "serpent seedline" began.

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It's the easiest thing for Satan to manipulate and he does quite well. But why compete with Him over a language that wants to confuse you in prayer?

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