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The debt was reported at ,049,942 at the end of October, down ,416 from ,109,358 in September.

That October number has since been judged as incorrect and no positive impact was realized.

The Modoc District Fair is accepting theme suggestions for their annual Fair Theme Contest.

When submitting themes, please keep in mind that the creation of feature booths, parade entries, still exhibits and floral entries usually focus around the theme.

The position of Director includes attendance at monthly meetings at the fairgrounds, making decisions regarding the Fair and other activities at the Fairgrounds throughout the year and performing other Fair-related activities.

Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. Applicants should be familiar with and enthusiastic about Fair activities.

The debt to Modoc County first went over the million mark in June at ,023,311.68, an increase of 8,430 from ,894,881 at the end of May, which was an increase of 6,649.

The council will explain why the rates are being raised as well as how the city arrived at the rate increases.

The .82 base water rate allows up to 1,000 cubic feet of water use.

What December's total reflects is an increase over November's ,455,953, of 0,131.

That's on top of an increase of 6,011 for November.

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