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Collectively, that’s 4.6 billion hours of porn watching stuffed into just one year.

To break it down really quickly, in order to deliver that volume of free porn, our servers streamed 99 Gigabytes of data every second.

Guildford Crown Court heard how he paid the victims compliments to gain their trust before asking them to send photos or take part in video chat which quickly became sexual in nature.

He became more persistent and once a victim refused to send any more, became aggressive and threatened to distribute the indecent images they had already sent to their friends and family unless they sent more.

As we’ve done for the past three years and counting, we’re wrapping it all up with a pretty bow and delivering you all of 2016’s top stats for Pornhub’s 4th annual Year in Review. Nearly 92 billion videos were watched over the course of 23 billion visits to the site by many millions of very horny visitors.

That’s 64 million visitors per day, or 44,000 every minute.

Jordan Towers targeted teenagers across the country by grooming them on Instagram and other sites using fake profiles.

Officers later found about 60 potential victims aged between 13 and 16 years, mainly by matching their phone numbers with chat logs and linking recovered images with social media user profiles.

It quickly became apparent that Towers was befriending vulnerable teenage girls via Instagram or a teenage dating app called Yellow.

The investigation, which was led by Surrey Police, involved interviewing 29 girls across the country, with officers travelling to South Wales, Bristol, Doncaster, Greater Manchester, Essex, Kent and Sussex.

Detective Inspector Martin Goodwin from Surrey Police's Paedophile Online Investigation Team, who led the investigation, said: 'The prison sentence handed to Towers today shows that the internet is not a safe or anonymous place for abusing teenage girls.

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