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Are you going out for dinner or chilling at his buddies sipping beer?Are you potential friends, or potentially more than friends? No one knows, and there begins the overthinking game where you find yourself over or under hyping the whole experience.After the first date, you don’t want to text him first and he doesn’t want to text you too soon. It’s natural to want to put forward the best version of yourself, but people need to realize they’re setting the bar a wee bit too high.It’s a slippery slope of uncertainty, that inevitably leads to an agonizing waiting game where no-one texts each other, even though they may want to, for fear of (god forbid) actually looking like they’re interested in the other person. Either your date ends up looking 10 years older than their photos, or their interests are nothing like how they advertised themselves, and that one Joffre Lakes photo they posted was the only time they stepped away from their Playstation in the past six months.

I can’t remember when it started, but at some point in elementary school, I began to hate my skin.For as long as I could remember, I had always known I was queer in some way.In the way that my feelings for girls and women around me seemed to be more intense than they were supposed to, or the way that I would feel very strange if I happened to see a sexy scene of a woman in a movie.I used to have dreams that my face was melting in the mirror in front of me.The movies and TV shows that featured queer characters that were available when I was growing up were always white and thin and beautiful.

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