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At Dhe Puttu, a small restaurant chain started by the popular Malayalam film stars Dileep and Nadirshah, puttus – traditionally a breakfast staple of soft cylindrical steamed dumplings made from ground rice and coconut – have been pushed into fanciful forms that can take on the flavours of Spanish paella, a biryani or even an ice cream sundae.

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It makes sense, then, that Kerala and its food are increasingly attractive to younger people from India’s huge, sprawling cities who, like travellers in many parts of the world, are increasingly using food as an organising principal for their vacations.

“Growing up, we never took vacations to eat and at home we never ate out unless it was a super special occasion,” Pinheiro says.

The skinny, 80-year-old Indian yogi is doing his best to suggest ways I might adjust my ample 55-year-old American body into a passable downward dog. I’m an enthusiastic but generally bad practitioner of yoga. She appears to have Indian roots, but her English is perfect.

But here in the darkened yoga hut at Spice Village, a botanically focused resort on 14 organic acres in the middle of the Cardamom Hills of Kerala, on India’s south-western coast, I think I have found a kindred soul on the mat next to me. We smile at each other in that awkward, supportive way tourists sometimes do. I thought maybe she was from Los Angeles or London.

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