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Mid way through she ducks out for a few minutes (she had to go to the bathroom), only to return to complete the job!

In this vid she's completely naked, and we get a great all-body view of her stroking her all-shaved kitty.

Pretty soon the juices are flowing, and Kat flips over on her tummy, rubbing her clit hard against the bed and vibrator.

She squeals a few time as she nears orgasm, only to hold off a few more seconds so she can prolong the ecstasy.

He'll sometimes tell her he's coming home later than he really does, so he can sneak in and capture the action on his camcorder.

They don't have much green, but they make up for it with lots of sex.

Kat snaps a photo of her pussy and boobs using her cell phone.

A couple of juicy texts back and forth, and this hot babe is really to cream with her fingers.

The clock cam hidden on the table beside the bed catches another one of Kat's incredibly vigorous and loud orgasms as she watches some couples fucking on the TV.

The action starts out reasonably slow, with Kat laying on the bed and rubbing herself through hers skirt.

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She does filing and answers the phone, neither of which are really demanding of anyone's time. It's almost quitting time, and while I'm away visiting clients she pads what remains of the day with a 30 minute nap, followed by a pleasant orgasm.

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