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Something was up for them to be acting so sneakily. I heard noises coming from the handball court, so I headed over there, and as I went around the corner I saw something that made me jerk my head back. I watched as he put his shirt on and then lean in for a kiss, his hands cupping my wife's ass.

It was Monica and she was standing there watching the guys play handball. I watched as the guys finished their game and I saw James walk over to Monica and take his shirt! I ran home as fast as I could so I could be there before Monica arrived.

A normal husband would have been pissed off and jealous, and, to be honest, I had some of those feelings too.

I'll be honest, I was afraid of him and I actually started kissing his ass.He pretty much took over the complex when he got there, and he was always at either the handball court or the pool.From the way Monica was always bringing him up it was obvious that she liked him.I'd ask Monica about how all the girls were on James' jock and stuff like that.Monica was quick to join in and eventually the conversation would get around to, "Would you fuck him if you weren't married?

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She had no problem discussing the men she had been with, and I'd probe and probe until I'd shoot my load.

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