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Another BUBKA source shared the following: “It happened in March at an after party. But the girl he called out to meet was a half-Japanese model that he liked who is Abiru’s friend, Kagami.After that, they went to a club and Yamashita started to develop some feelings for her,”[2] This is the girl I just talked about earlier, whether she is the reason why Abiru and Yama Pi broke up was never explained.They were spotted together at a restaurant famous for affluent customers wanting to be discreet, staying well into the night.The ‘relationship’ was never confirmed though, and was most likely just two friends hanging out.She had been Koki Tanaka's girlfriend in the past and one time she admitted on a TV show how she did a bit of shoplifting as a girl.All these prompted Johnny's to speculate that she may be ruining Yama Pi's image.He grew closer to Ishihara, who has been supporting him all these while.

But much to my surprise, his love stories are easy to find. How she managed it despite being an idol herself is beyond me.Now single, Abiru became close to Yama Pi this time.When Koki discovered this, he tried to get back with Abiru. Soon they decided to have a fresh start and start all over again.According to Cyzo, they like different types of girls, but in the end both guys fell for Abiru Yuu.Koki and Abiru used to be in a relationship for a while, but eventually broke up.

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What makes this rumored relationship interesting is that both Yamapi and Satomi have been billed as “Co-star killers” by some tabloids, having been romantically linked to many of their previous co-stars.

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