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Now, more and more alpha males are looking for something else from the A-list: accomplishment.According to a poll, 48 percent of men (and an equal percentage of women) reported dating partners who drew the same income as they did."These men are truly redefining masculinity," says Terrence Real, a psychologist and author of .And the pursuit of a high-achiever is not solely the province of youth.It was attractive, not in a sexual way, but in a necessary way.I'm not interested in someone who doesn't have as much to offer me as I have to offer her." Massimo Tassan-Solet met Karin Dauch at an Internet merger party in 2000.Twenty percent of men reported dating women who earned more.Jim Pak, 34, was introduced to Kristin Ketner, 38, a Harvard MBA and a hedge fund manager, through a mutual friend, who warned him not to be intimidated by her credentials.

"In certain regards, she outshines me," says Pak of his wife. People may be more impressed with her than with me." (Pak is now chief financial officer at an electronic stock trading services group.) Men's attraction to professionally achieving mates is one piece of a much larger story.

"We learned from our parents' mistakes." But it's not always easy.

Charting a marital course markedly different from that of one's parents means there's no role model to consult.

Many of today's grooms believe that through positive or negative example, their own moms set the stage for a high-octane wife.

After his parents separated when he was 12, Jim Pak watched his mother raise three kids while pursuing an advanced degree in art history.

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"That kind of role model helps you not be intimidated by highly motivated, successful women," he says.

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