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Resolve to make a fresh habit right now -- every time you do something new, ask yourself is it newsworthy?I also have also promoted books and events by sending out my own Buzova Live Blog, so i have looked at fresh both as a writer, and as a publisher of information.How you gon be a motivational speaker and sound like you wanna die yourself? Anyway for the last 15 minutes, he took questions from the students.Now THIS is where it got interesting 💀 So y’all know my nigga Aaron right?#6 Princess archetype text: I know, life is so hard princess [nickname] #7 If she says she likes being single: #8 Prizing or making fun of how cool of a guy you are: #9 Text: Remember, just be yourself, don’t plan too hard for our date this Friday #10 If she says something you don’t believe…(don’t use if she’s fat) #11 Funny meme if you have a “Tucker Max / Asshole” persona #12 If she’s acting like a princess / first girl world problems Text: I know, your life must be so hard right… ;) #14 For girls that you’re trying to frame as, you’re busy Text: “ok.Most know that, to effectively get traffic to your website, is the need to advertise on some levels.

This bitch Sara , who’s right next to me, takes the microphone and as soon as she starts speaking I wanted to fucking die. Crush, Cute, and Dating: @lolz confess i'm online dating with someone who's very kind, sweet and amazing overall but my feelings are fading and i'm starting to have a crush on someone cute in class.

Like nigga 99.9% of the kids in my grade wanna die lmaooo.

Anyway last year all 900 kids in the sophomore class filed into the auditorium to listen to the speaker for 45 minutes straight.

Just make sure you’re not one of these girls…” #15. ” Text: (just include the image, then actually answer her question) This sets you apart #16 If she said something crazy or disagreeable: #17.

If she’s being mean, a funny way to tell her off #18.

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